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  Broadly speaking, culture is a historical practice of human society in the process of creating material wealth and spiritual wealth; the narrow sense, culture is a social ideology and the organization and system.

  The enterprise culture is the enterprise in production and management practice, and gradually form, as recognized by all employees and compliance, with the characteristics of the organization's mission, vision, purpose and spirit, values and business concept, and these ideas in production practice, management system, staff behavior and the embodiment of corporate external image the sum of. It and education, scientific research, military and cultural organizations such as the nature is different.

  The enterprise culture is the soul of the enterprise, is to promote business development not exhaust motivation. It contains a very rich content, its core is the spirit of enterprise and values. Values here are not generally refers to business management in various cultural phenomena, but the enterprise or enterprises employees engaged in commodity production and operations held values.

  The concept of corporate culture, different representations

  On the concept of enterprise culture, composed of many different understanding and expression:

  In 1, American scholar John Kurt and James Heskett think, the enterprise culture is refers to the various departments of an enterprise, or at least the enterprise senior managers have in common the company values and business practice. ... ... Is refers to the enterprise in a division of the various functional departments or located in different geographical environment departments have the common cultural phenomenon.

  In 2, Terres Deal and Alan Kennedy argue, the enterprise culture is the values, customs, rituals, culture hero network, enterprise environment.

  In 3, William Dane thinks, the enterprise culture is the " aggressive, defensive, flexibility - determining activity, opinion and behavior patterns of values.

  4, the enterprise culture is a new modern enterprise management theory, enterprise to enter the market, walk out of a development faster, benefit is better, improve the overall quality, make economy coordinated development, must the popularization and deepening enterprise cultural construction.

  5, the enterprise culture has broad sense and narrow sense two kinds of understanding. Broad enterprise culture is refers to the enterprise to create its own characteristics with the material culture and spiritual culture; special enterprise culture is the enterprise with the formation of the personality of their own business purposes, values and moral standards of behavior in general.

  6, the enterprise culture is the social and cultural system, an integral part of an important component, it is the sense of national culture and modern enterprise and comprehensive reflection of the performance, is the national culture and the formation under the influence of modern consciousness that has enterprise characteristic and group consciousness and the consciousness is generated by a code of conduct.

  7, the enterprise culture is the enterprise group inside to outside general cognitive and attitude. -